Why you should buy your diamond from Athos Diamonds

There are a few reasons why one should trust us to buy his / her diamond from us. Sparkling diamond

  • Probably we offer the biggest collection of diamonds in Cyprus.

  • All our diamonds are certified from GIA, HRD, IGI and Athos Diamonds laboratories with the highest standards.

  • Our Gemmology Laboratory checks our diamonds for specifications more than the 4 Cs e.g. lasercill, blue eye, strong fluoresce etc. All our diamonds are good and very good cut for the best sparkling.

  • We are Certified Diamond Graders and we can give official valuation for your diamonds for insurance purposes. Insurance companies trust us to evaluate diamonds and jewelleries.

  • Athos Diamonds is a member (probably the only one in Cyprus) of the International Bourse of Diamonds with about 3500 members all over the world which gives us the capability to give accurate and correct advice to our clients e.g. on investment diamonds.

  • Best value for money. We make wholesales which means that we can offer to our customers the best prices.

  • You can upgrade your diamond.

  • Our work shop can make exclusive settings for your diamond and quick service.

  • We provide professional service in a friendly and pleasant environment.